Sathvika Bathula Family #2750

I am Sathvika from class 10. This is my mother Anitha, who works as a daily laborer. We are 4 in the family including my parents, me, and my younger sister Sushmitha ( 9th class ). We live in the tiled house and go to government schools. My father works as a Gas cylinder delivery boy. Seeing our parents struggle for daily wages to eat, sleep and stay healthy, I and my sister understood that education is very important to us to build our careers and look after my parents. We don’t ask or wish for luxuries in life but we just need a day, week, or a month where we don’t have to think about eating tummy full. We have whole rice in our school which is not even of great quality. When the Rice Love team reached us and gave us 25 kilos of fine rice, my mom was super happy to get the rice and can save up to $17 for this month. The rice is sufficient for about a month. We always looked for motivation to find our passion and work on them. Meeting Rice Love team has really moved our souls to look positive side of things, keep working hard on our studies and take care of our family. Thank you Rice Love for being an inspiration.

- Sathvika | Warangal, Telangana

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