Razia Family #3191

In the serene village of Motlapalle, the untimely departure of Father Akshawali three years ago cast a shadow over the humble dwelling of the Akshawali family. However, amidst the challenges of single-handedly shouldering the responsibilities, Mother Razia emerged as a beacon of strength and resilience. With unwavering determination, she embraced the toil of daily labor in the vast farmlands, earning a modest $720 annually to sustain her family. Her son, Md. Razak, dedicatedly pursued his studies, simultaneously immersing himself in the National Cadet Corps (NCC) training for youth, while her daughter, Afifa Thabassum, diligently attended the local government school in the pursuit of knowledge.

Despite the financial constraints, hope flickered within the Akshawali household as Rice Love, a compassionate organization, extended a heartfelt gesture. The benevolent group visited the village and graciously presented 20 kilograms of nourishing rice to families, including the Akshawalis. This act of kindness not only filled their humble abode with gratitude but also became a symbol of communal support, reinforcing Razia's unwavering belief in her children's bright future. The rice is enough for about a month and can help save the amount of $12 for not buying the rice for a month thus can be used further for the children's education. The aromatic grains of rice served as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, the warmth of compassion can illuminate the path toward a better tomorrow for the Akshawali family and others alike.

- Razia | Warangal, Telangana

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