Ravi Uchitha Family #2755

I am Ravi and this is my daughter Lahari in class 10. I am working as a daily laborer. I have no basic salary and will go for work whenever I get a call, that would happen 10 / 15 days in a month and for the work I do, I get $2-4 per day and sometimes I get up to $6 and the number of times I got paid $6 per day was about 5-6 times. We are 4 in the family including me, my daughter, my younger daughter Harika studying in 9th class, and my wife Yadhalakshmi, a daily wager. Our family food, education, and expenses depend on our work and we don’t get the work often. As we are uneducated, we have to depend on labor work. We anticipate a better future for our girls so we are always into works that are physically tiring and trying to provide a better future for my beautiful girls ( including my wife ). Adding to our struggle, the covid breakout has been a great loss, when the Rice Love team approached us and donated 25 kilos of fine rice. Wand donated 25 e are super glad to get the fine rice and the amount which is going to be saved will undoubtedly gonna used for my kids' education. Thank you Rice Love for the love towards the poor and thanks to all the donors.

- Ravi | Warangal, Telangana

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