Rani Naminla Family #2831

I have lost my husband Raju in the year 2019. He is addicted to Alcohol. We have spent all our savings for his treatment and got some extra cash as a loan from our friends and relatives for his treatment, but all my struggles went into vain and we lost him. To clear my debts and feed my kids, I started working as a salesgirl in a dresses store. I work from 8 AM to 9 PM and earn $120 per month, in which I have to pay $66 towards payment of my loan and the remaining rent and other expenses. I have lost my job in the first lockdown and again our financial crisis began, so I had to start working as a daily wager on farms and earn $3 per day. I have joined my kids Raviteja and Anji in a government school not to skip their education. Am grateful for the govt scheme of mid-day meals as my kids can get free lunch. I was worried about the food, but Rice Love has given us 25 kilos of fine rice and satisfied our appetite. It will last for more than a month. I could able to save some money and keep it for my children's future.  We hope you bless many more families like us. Many thanks to Rice Love.

- Rani | Warangal, Telangana

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