Rani Kallepalli Family #2911

This is Rani, I came from a humble upper middle class family. My father was a Engineer at Vizag steel plant. My name Rani is basically telugu word for “ Queen “ and I had my life just as equal as my name. I met, Ramesh who is a passionate about painting and so he chose painting as his profession. I was working as a Hindi pandit in one of the best school in our district with high pay. We had enough money and servants around but, I didn’t wanted to sit Idle at home so I had chosen my profession to be a teacher. Even though my family was objecting Ramesh I married him. That’s when my life changed upside down, from the first day of our wedding he started consuming alcohol and started abusing me physically and used to torture me mentally for extra money. Very soon he quit his profession as a painter and started selling my jewelry for money for alcohol. I had 2 children Ashwitha and Akshith, with the support of my mother in law I started gathering money and feeding my kids, this has reached his ears and so he didn’t let me go out of the home and earn for a living. This has affected me and leaded me to stay away from my parents and siblings for 14 years. Now, I left him gathering all my courage to give my son and daughter a better life. Thanks to Rice Love for Supporting me.

- Rani | Warangal, Telangana

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