Raju Itha Family #3393

In the rustic village of Oorugonda, where the fields whispered tales of resilience and ability to move on, Raju and Anitha worked hard under the sun as daily laborers, their spirits felt happier by the presence of grandmother Suravva, a beacon of wisdom and moral support. With their children Avanthika and Lucky immersing themselves in their studies at the village school studyiing 5th and 8th grades, the family held onto the hope of a brighter future despite the uncertainties of their seasonal income. Education was their guiding light, a pathway to prosperity amidst the challenges of rural life.

When Rice Love bestowed its benevolence upon their village, offering the gift of 25 kilograms of rice to each student's family, Raju and Anitha felt a wave of gratitude wash over them. With each grain of rice, they saw not just sustenance, but a lifeline that stretched beyond their plates, providing nourishment for both body and soul. As they shared meals made from the precious donation, the family found solace in the knowledge that Rice Love's charity had eased their burden for 20 to 25 days and allowed them to save a small sum of $13 for the future of the kids. With heartfelt thanks to Rice Love for their kindness and compassion, the family embraced the gift with open arms, cherishing the support that reaffirmed their belief in the power of community and goodwill.

- Raju | Warangal, Telangana

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