Prasanna Sivarapu Family #2757

Hello Rice Love Team, my name is Prasanna and am from class 7th. This is the picture of my father Sampath and brother Ganesh, he’s in class 3. My mother Saritha is working as a daily wager in a spices factory. She leaves to work before the sun and comes back home after the sun sets. She is the only breadwinner in our home. We are 7 in the family which includes me, my brother, parents, grandmother and grandfather. Grandfather is blind and grandmother are paralyzed. My father is suffering with a rare condition in his head that he can’t remember things, at times he even forgets he is eating food. With such conditions my mother won’t let him go out for work. I cannot take care of my family as I am concentrating on my studies, but help mom at home and take care of my little brother. A little help to our family would be enough boosting where, Rice Love met us and gave a 25 kilos of fine rice which would be enough for at least one month straight. We can also save little money on this rice so I would like to give a Big Hug to each and everyone that made it possible and helped to save money for my father or grandparents' health. Thank you Rice Love for being a helping hand to many.

- Prasanna | Warangal, Telangana

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