Nagaraju Edaveni Family #3214

Ajay and Aparna, the children of Nagaraju and Lavanya, navigate the challenges of their modest lifestyle with determination and resilience. Ajay, a seventh-grade student enrolled in a government school, and Aparna, in the eighth grade attending a hostel school, exemplify the family's commitment to education despite their financial struggles. Nagaraju and Lavanya, both farm daily wage laborers, toil under the relentless sun and cool weather, earning a meager $3 per day. In this journey, their paternal grandmother plays a vital role, providing love and care while looking after the grandchildren.

Amidst their daily struggles, a ray of hope and kindness emerged when the Rice Love organization bestowed upon each family a generous gift of 20 kilograms of fine rice for both Ajay and Aparna. This benevolent gesture not only provided sustenance but also allowed the family to save $13 – a significant relief for a household with limited means. With this gift, the family now has enough rice to sustain them for 20 days, easing their worries about food scarcity. The act of compassion from Rice Love not only filled their pantry but also filled their hearts with gratitude, exemplifying the transformative power of generosity in the face of adversity.

-  Nagaraju | Warangal, Telangana

This 20 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 20 items:

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