Nagaraju Dasari Family #3308

In a serene village surrounded by lush green fields, Nagaraju, Anusha, and their little daughters, Deepika and Ammulu, lived a life of simplicity and hard work. As agricultural laborers and daily wage workers, they spent long hours toiling under the sun, striving for a stomach full of meals. Deepika, a bright-eyed girl in the 1st standard, attended the local government school, where she eagerly soaked in knowledge, while her younger sister, Ammulu, brought laughter and joy to their humble home.

Despite their daily struggles, the family found solace and happiness in their togetherness. One day, their lives were touched by a gesture of kindness from an organization called Rice Love. With a heartfelt gift of 20 kilograms of fine rice per family, they not only filled their kitchen with sustenance for a month but also gained the precious ability to save $13. This act of compassion went beyond the rice itself, reminding them of the warmth and generosity that existed in the world. Grateful to Rice Love for their kind heart, the family cherished the gift as a symbol of hope and unity in their simple village life.

- Nagaraju | Warangal, Telangana

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