Manasa Eraboina Family #3035

My name is Manasa Eraboina, and this is my family. We are four in our family - my mother, Prashanti, my father, Ramesh, my sister, Akhila, and me. My father, Ramesh, is an auto driver, and my mother works as a housekeeper. We live in a small one-bedroom house. It has been a struggle to make ends meet with the modest wages my parents earn, and I often worry about how we will be able to afford my college education. But, the gift of 25 kilos of rice from Rice Love was a godsend to my family, as it helped us have food for about a month and eased our financial burden, and gave us hope that we could make it through our difficult times. I am now in class 10th, and I'm so excited to be nearing the end of my school years. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to go to college, and I know with hard work I can achieve my dreams. I am grateful for the generous donation from Rice Love, as it has provided me with the glimmer of hope I need to stay focused and motivated. My parents have instilled in me the value of education, and I am determined to make them proud. I am so thankful for their generosity, and I look forward to a brighter future.

Manasa | Warangal, Telangana

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