Lachman Tejavoth Family #204

Lachman Tejavoth has a spouse and kids. He learned to drive three wheeled auto but recently because of Uber and other cab services, there are not enough passengers or customers. Passengers prefer cab over our auto and for that reason we got not enough money. Everyday, I have to pay Rs 350 as a hire fee for the owner who owns this auto. There is no credit and with so many hours working, the maximum amount of money I make is almost Rs 200 to 250 which is quite impossible for us to live with. We are living a horrible life, and the current government is not willing to help us either.  In these times, when we can’t afford a 5 kilo rice, we are very much grateful to rice love for giving us 25 kilos Sona Masuri rice. it is a great help for us and as a family we thank rice love. Not everyone does this help, the people who can understand the heart of the poor, only they can come forward to help the poor and needy. When rice love came to our home initially doing surveys, we could not believe that but after one week when they came with rice, there were no words to express. Thank you so much rice love.

- Lachman | Hyderabad, Telangana

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