Kumaraswamy Eeraveli Family #2753

I am Kumaraswamy. I have been working as a manual laborer since I was 24 years. My wife Vijaya also works for daily wages in a factory or farm according to availability. We get work for 15 days in a month and that too is not in a row. And we get $3-6 for the work we do. These are my sweet and loving kids, Ajith - 10th class and Akshitha - 8th class. They make me really proud of helping us at home and also managing their study and standing first in classes. We have been working with heavy work to give my kids a very happy and comfortable life so they don’t have to struggle like us. We live in a society where parents will get their girl child get married once she reaches puberty or 18 years of age, and I don’t want my daughter to be one of them. Instead, I want my daughter to fulfill her dream and start being an example to other girls to settle their lives. Thank you Rice Love for 25 kilos of fine rice, which will be helpful for a month. With that we can save an amount of $18 and I am happy to save them and buy the necessary books for my daughter.

- Kumaraswamy | Warangal, Telangana

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