Konta Family #00132

I am Venkatesha and this is my family. I am a laborer by profession and I earn less than $120 per month. We don't have any extra money after we survive each month with our bills. I have illness that needs immediate treatment but because of lack of funds, I am unable to treat myself. I never had hope on myself if I would be able to find my way out to save a little and get started with my medical treatment. But to our surprise as a family, we received 20 kilos of rice from Rice Love. This will help us feed ourselves for more than 20 days. This will also help us to save a little for this month and use that money for my medical treatment. I want to thank you for making it happen. Without your purchase, I would have never had hope to go treat myself. Thank you so much for your love and thanks to Rice Love for making this possible.

- Venkateshu | Hyderabad, India

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