Komuraiah Ellandula #3132

Ellandula Komuraiah and his wife Lalitha unfold with echoes of struggle and resilience. Aged 55 and 50, they have woven their days through the labor of the land, working as agricultural laborers to make out a living. The couple nurtured a family, nurturing dreams within the hearts of their son and daughter.

Their son, united in marriage with Nithya, embarked on a new chapter. Similarly, their daughter, Naga, tied the knot with Ramesh, embracing her own journey. Yet, amid these unions, a stark separation took root. Their children found their paths in distant horizons, leaving behind the home and the parents who had nurtured them.

In a cruel twist of fate, heavy rains besieged their village, bringing misery and despair. The walls of their home, once a haven, became a testament to their challenges. It was during this testing time that the Rice Love Organization extended its hand in compassion. They bestowed upon Ellandula Komuraiah and Lalitha a gift that held the essence of life – 25 kilograms of nourishing rice, a source of sustenance for an entire month and allowing the family to save $13.

The magnitude of this gesture reverberated in the hearts of the couple. Their gratitude overflowed as they offered their thanks to the kind souls behind Rice Love. 

- Komuraiah | Warangal, Telangana

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