Kethavoth Family #00193


Ramesh Kethavoth has a family of a spouse and two kids. Unlike everyone, his occupation is not anything special but he brings a little to his home from his occupation. Ramesh works in a cement store. You might wonder what's a cement store? Well, it's a store where you order hundreds of cement bags for any kind of construction. His role is to load the truck with those bags and he does that everyday from morning 8 am to 7 pm. With so much hard work, he earns Rs 6000 which is like $90 per month. So, he has a responsibility of ensuring that his family survives from that $90 for rent, food, utilities and savings. He says, “it's hard to save anything with what I earn. I earn a little and I do want to provide minimum education for my kids. It becomes very difficult sometimes when we can’t even provide proper food for them. But today, I would like to thank Rice Love for the 25 kilos rice. This rice will definitely help our family for a month. With the money saved, I will ensure that my daughter receives an admission at a school and work towards gaining a minimum education. Thank you all and many thanks to all who made this possible.”

- Ramesh | Hyderabad, Telangana

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