Kasheti Siddhu Family #3030

My name is Siddhu and I'm from a small village in India. My father's name is Sai Ram, and he works as a daily laborer, earning daily wages to support our family. My brother Ajit is in his second year of college, and I am proud of him for doing so well. My family and I have been through difficult times, it has been difficult to make ends meet, has been struggling to get enough food to eat. But recently, our fortunes changed when we received 25 kilos of fine rice from Rice Love. This donation has been a blessing in disguise to us as it will last us for approximately 40 days. I am so grateful to Rice Love for giving us this gift of sustenance. It has given us hope and strength to continue our daily struggles. We are now more confident that we can make it through this tough time and provide a better future for ourselves. My father works hard every day and this donation has given him the motivation to keep going. His hard work and dedication have paid off and he can now provide for us.  I also want to thank Rice Love for giving us this precious gift. It also has helped us to save money to use for necessary utilities. It has changed our lives for the better and made us realize that we can take control of our lives.

- Siddhu | Warangal, Telangana

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