Kalpana Jirra Family #2771

Namasthe! My name is Kalpana, working as a daily laborer in Spices Industry. I get $2+ per day for the work I do in the industry. We are 4 in the family which includes me, my husband Shiva, and my 2 kids Varun and Ashwitha both are in class 7. My husband was working hard as ( stone hammering labor). On his work, he came across an accident, got bedridden and so unable to go to work or do continuous work. And so seeing my husband struggle, I have been working in the industry. As the factory has been filled with strong smells, I sometimes have breathing difficulty too. But, to run my family, I have no other way and can’t make any other job for not being skilled labor. Gratefully, we own a house with a tiled roof with 2 rooms and so I don’t have to worry about the rent. But, all I struggle for is to give good education to my kids. With the 25 kilos of fine rice from Rice Love, we can good healthy food for the whole month, able to save some money which would help in getting books or for things needed for my kids. We are much obliged with the generous love from Rice Love. 

 - Kalpana | Warangal, Telangana

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