Jaswanth Mulukala Family #2972

My family consists of my father, Sarangam, my mother, my elder sister and me, Jaswanth. My father is a Tata truck driver by profession and had to travel long distances for his work. Despite this, he was able to provide us with a comfortable life, but due to the rising prices of essential goods, it became difficult for him to keep up. We struggled to make ends meet and the situation was getting worse by the day. But then one day an angel came into our lives in the form of Rice Love. We received 25 kilos of fine rice from Rice Love, which was a great help to my family. We can have food for about a month. We were able to save a minimal amount of money that we could have used to buy supplies. It was a true blessing, and we are very grateful to Rice Love for it. It was like a glimmer of hope in a dark tunnel and enabled us to get back on our feet. This incident taught me the importance of helping others in need, and I am now even more determined to do my part to help people in need. I am very grateful to Rice Love for this and hope that they will continue to help people in need.

Jaswanth | Warangal, Telangana

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