Jannaiah Narravula Family #3177

In a quaint village, the Narravula family, comprised of Father Jannaiah, Mother Ellamma, and their two sons, Ramesh and Anjaiah, led a simple life. Their livelihood was sustained by Father Jannaiah's sale of evening snacks known as chiwda, a delicious mix of flattened rice, jaggery, and coconut. Meanwhile, Mother Ellamma earned their living by selling everyday household items like combs, bottles, and mirrors at reasonable prices for the villagers. Despite their limited income, they prioritized their children's education, sending them to the nearby local government school studying in 6th and 4th standards.

The family circle extended to include Jannaiah's brother, Mallesh, and his wife Rajitha. Despite facing academic challenges, Mallesh and Rajitha contributed to the family income by selling similar household items. The combined efforts of both families were just enough to make ends meet in their modest village.

One day, their lives took a positive turn when Rice Love, a benevolent organization, extended a helping hand by providing them with 20 kilograms of rice. This act of kindness not only eased their financial strain but also brought hope and reassurance to the Jannaiah family. The rice is enough for a few days and it helped them not to buy rice for a few days and save up to $12. The gift from Rice Love served as a beacon of light, inspiring them to face their challenges with renewed optimism and gratitude

- Jannaiah | Warangal, Telangana

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