Izrar Family #00156

My name is Izrar and this is my family. We are six members in family. We have four kids and their smile makes my each day. I can`t send them to school but we teach them the value of people and love towards each other. Just like how we moved from a different state to Telangana, to find a way for our living. We know that everyone moves from one stage to another in finding something or the other. We love our kids and we do everything we can to provide food in their plates. Sometimes, its hard for me because I am a `Raw samosa maker`, meaning I make samosas raw and give them to companies to fry and then they resell it wholesale and retail. We make minimal profits but we survive each day. We are happy to see Rice Love giving us 20 kilos of `Sona Masoori` rice which is way enough for our family to survive for more than 20 days. Thank you for your purchase and we especially want to thank Rice Love.

- Mohammad | Hyderabad, Telangana

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