Ilaiah Gudepu Family #3220

Karthik and Sathwik, two bright students in the 9th and 8th grades, are the pride of their hardworking parents, Ilaiah and Saritha. Ilaiah, a dedicated driver, often finds himself driving far from home, staying away for days at a time to meet the needs of his passengers. Meanwhile, Saritha is a diligent daily wage farm laborer, working in the fields for a minimum of $3 per day, and then returning home to care for their children. Both parents are united in their relentless efforts, working hard for the benefit and future of Karthik and Sathwik.

Recently, the Rice Love organization brought unexpected joy and relief to this industrious family. Graciously offering 20 kilograms of fine rice to each student's family, this generous gift not only surprised and delighted them, but it also ensured quality meals for the next 20 days. The impact of Rice Love's act of kindness went beyond immediate relief; it allowed the family to save $13, a significant amount for a household working hard to make ends meet. The profound impact of this gesture resonated through the household, creating a sense of happiness and gratitude that will undoubtedly shape the family's journey toward a brighter future.

- Ilaiah | Warangal, Telangana

This 20 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 20 items:

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