Gundala Family #00130

We are four family members. I love my family. I have two children who are heavenly and I am so happy to spend time with them. I work as a "Thrash-man". I collect thrash from every house and I get paid Rs 8000/ $120 per month. Of which we pay Rs 1200/ $20 is house rent expense. We use remaining money for utilities and groceries. We can never think of saving in our lives because we live by every day. Out of no where, I see Rice Love coming forward and giving us 20 kilos of rice. This rice will help us and our family for 25 days. That will help us SAVE a little for this month. Thank you so much for giving us hope. Now we are able to save a little for our children. I always wanted to give something for them and I want to thank you for making this happen. Thank you for your purchase and thank you Rice Love for making it happen. 

- Ranganna | Hyderabad, India

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