Raju Bathula Family #3184

Raju, a resourceful man, earns his living by selling a delightful mixture of coconut, sugar, and flattened rice, a popular snack in the village. His wife, in a parallel effort, supports the family by selling affordable plastic household products to their fellow villagers. Together, they navigate the challenges of life, with their children Anji attending a residential school, Ramesh studying in the 7th standard, and their eldest son Akhil, now married and living independently. The family receives moral support from Raju's aging mother, Ellamma, who resides with them, adding a touch of wisdom and tradition to their home.

Amidst their daily hustle, Rice Love steps in with a generous donation of 20 kilograms of rice, casting a ray of joy and gratitude upon the household. This unexpected assistance not only provides a tangible source of sustenance for about a month, but also able to help saves $12 on the rice price, and also serves as a symbol of communal care and support. The family's hearts are filled with happiness as they reflect on the kindness bestowed upon them, reminding them that even during life's challenges, there exists a compassionate community ready to lend a helping hand.

- Raju | Warangal, Telangana

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