Chirra Raju #3158

My name is Chirra Raju and am married to Sumalatha, Our journey has been one of determination and hard work. I work as a daily wage laborer in agriculture, and I also undertake electrical work. Although I don't own a shop or service center, I provide electrical assistance based on recommendations from friends and family. This allows us to earn a livelihood, even though our work is not fixed and is available on a day-to-day basis.

Your gift of rice is a symbol of hope and support for us. It signifies more than just sustenance; it embodies the kindness and empathy of individuals like you who understand the challenges of a daily wage worker. These 25 kilograms of rice provide relief from meal worries during times when work is uncertain, ensuring that we have a reliable source of nourishment.

The rice you've provided will be cherished and used with the utmost gratitude. It will sustain us both physically and emotionally, allowing us to face each day with renewed determination. The rice is good enough for 40 days to us and gives a way to save some money for our future needs. Your support alleviates the pressure of finding consistent work and empowers us to prioritize our family's well-being.

We thank you for being a source of light in our lives. Your contribution of rice holds immense significance, and we are immensely grateful to Rice Love and Team for their generosity and compassion.

- Raju | Warangal, Telangana

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