Bevara Family #00124

My name is Bhavani and this is my family. I live in Hyderabad and I work as a maid to survive each day. As a maid, I am required to wash dishes, clean house and sometimes dust, clean the drains in the house and cook if required. I am grateful for the work I have as I get to feed my family with little I receive. As a maid, I usually get paid around Rs 5000/- ($85) per month. Of which Rs 2000/- ($35) goes to the house that we are renting. With the little remaining money I have, we use it for groceries and other utilities. It gets quite difficult for us to survive in this city with a family of three. In these difficult times, we are happy to see Rice Love helping families like me to find hope and to be more optimistic in living each day. We thank you for the 20 kilos rice. Your rice will feed our family for more than a month. Something special you have done for us at this time is to use that saved money and invest in my daughter's education. I really want to thank you for that. With your purchase it all made possible. Thank you again. 

- Bhavani | Hyderabad

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