Anjaiah Manikukatla Family #662

Hi, I am Anjaiah Manikukatla. I am a widower and this is my family. Son Karunakar and Ramchander, relative Laxman. my occupation is a shepherd (Labour). My income for each goat or sheep $1.5 per month. When they sell, they will give us $7.5 only. It is hard to go out as my elder kid is physically handicapped and he cannot use his hands too. Some one has to feed and help in his daily activities. As long as my spouse was alive, she used to take care. My spouse is deceased after second baby delivery. Since then, I am taking care of both the kids. Second son studied up to 7th standard and due to family problems, he discontinued his studies and took up sheep keeper.  We both help the elder kid. I thank God for blessing me with two sons. God blessed me with health, to look after my kids, I learned principle of patience. God is going to help us. We are living in the open place of mosque, it is a big help to us. The gift of 25 kilos of rice is a good support to our family. We thank God for sending help through Rice Love. It is sufficient for a month . From this we could save money to buy a lamb or kid, so that we may have our own cattle. Thanks to Rice Love.

- Anjaiah| Hyderabad, Telangana

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