Anitha Kaavati Family #2936

Me and my husband Naresh came from a humble family where our lives used to work only if our parents work all day to earn for living. They couldn’t afford for our education and so we didn’t get to complete our education beyond our upper standard. My husband is a foodie and used to try making different varieties of dishes and used to feed their family as his work and come home. He always wanted to do Hotel Management but, couldn’t afford for it. So he started making his interest of food as his profession and is working as a cook in a small hotel in Warangal where he would earn minimum wages that would be enough for our family. We are blessed with 2 kids Ashritha ( 4th class ) and Manvir (Anganwadi). Due to Pandemic, my husband has lost his job, as the hotels are shut and we fallen in debts, so he could bring us rice and other necessities. Once, the things settled, he started to work again in the same hotel but with lesser income as the number of customers to the hotel got reduced. And with those minimum wages, he started paying back to clear his debts and getting us food from the hotel he is working in as we are unable to afford to buy for ourselves. As my kids are in lower grades, we are able to manage things the way they are right now, so we wanted to hold our debts or maybe decrease the amount we are paying every month, so we can save for our daily needs. With the 25 kilos of rice, we received, we can save some extra money than we regularly save and start buying things for home so I can cook to feed my family. Thanks to Rice Love for giving us an opportunity in saving some money for our stomach.

- Anitha | Warangal, Telangana

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