Akshay Kale Family #2964

Kale Raju was a 32-year-old poor farmer, who worked hard to feed his family of five. He had a daughter and two sons; Akshitha is in the 10th grade, Akshay is in the 6th grade and Chaithanya is in the 5th grade. They all attended the same government high school. Raju's wife, Rama, was deaf and dumb, which made it difficult for him to communicate with her. Even though they had struggles, Raju and his family were incredibly thankful for the 25 kgs of fine rice they had recently received from Rice Love. Raju was determined to make the most of the rice. He used it to prepare nutritious meals for his family, including porridge, chapati, and dal. He made sure to stretch the rice as far as possible, so it would last longer than expected. Raju was very grateful to Rice Love for the wonderful gift of rice they had provided his family. He was grateful to be able to provide his family with a meal that was not only nutritious but also delicious. The money saved from the donation of rice will be used for their children's needs. He was also thankful for the assurance that his family was safe and taken care of. Thanks to Rice love and its donors.

 - Akshay Kale| Warangal, Telangana

This 25 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 25 items:

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