Ajay Thanugula Family #3016

My mother Mamatha and I are two members of our family. We are blessed to have our father Thirupathi in our lives, who is an integral part of our family. My mother is a hardworking woman, who works long hours in the fields and still manages to come home and takes care of us. She is a true inspiration to me. We are blessed with 25 kilos of fine rice, which was a godsend gift. Even though our daily wages were meager, it was enough to ensure that we had enough food to eat and save. The rice was of very high quality and was a great relief for us to have it in our home. It will be enough to provide us with the nutrition we need for a month or so. We were truly grateful for the 25 kilos of fine rice which we received. It was a great blessing for us and gave us hope that we would be able to make it through the difficult times. We would like to thank the donors who donated the rice to us. With their help, we could save money for the future needs. It has helped us to survive during these tough times, and it has brought us closer together as a family.

- Ajay | Warangal, Telangana

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