Hyderabad Family #00038

We knew we wanted to give away rice, but we didn't know where to start! The last thing we wanted was to make things worse. We learned on our first day that it was not a good idea to just walk down the streets of India and give out rice to everyone who wanted it. Not only would this cause a scene, but we would be putting ourselves in danger. Plus, it wouldn't be helpful. So, we found a local volunteer who made appointments with families who he needed the help and took us to visit them. Every family we gave to knew another family that needed help. On our first few days out, we didn't think to collect names or information, like we do now. In the first few days of giving this networking model was born. We visited this family on one of our first days out in the poor neighborhoods on the outskirts of Hyderabad. They were extremely grateful for you!

- Corbin Thomander, Co-Founder, Rice Love

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