7 Tips For Making A Positive Impact on Social Media

Follow these 7 tips to engage your social media following in making a positive impact on the world. If you aren't already a Brand Ambassador, apply now! We're always looking for positive people to join the movement!

Make sure you're connected to all things Rice Love. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Once you follow us turn on your notifications on Instagram by clicking the 3 little dots by our name and choosing "turn on post notifications". You can tag your friends in posts that you think they would like. Make sure you're subscribed to our Newsletter (bottom right hand corner of the home page).  Rice Love wants to make sure that you are connected with us so you never miss a sale, promo or an important way you could join the movement. Once you follow all of our accounts stay on the lookout for ways to get involved in promoting people and the planet. This is a simple way to ensure you can be prepared to support the movement. 


Tip #1. Repost a Rice Love Photo On Your Account

Do you love the photos on Rice Love's Instagram or Facebook pages? The easiest way to share the Rice Love story is to screenshot a photo from @ricelovebags and repost it on your account. Add your unique personality by describing Rice Love's mission and what you love about it. You have our permission to repost our photos! Just remember to tag @ricelovebags in the photo and in the caption. 

Try reposting now! Go to Instagram @ricelovebags to find the perfect photo to repost.

 Tip #2. Share the Family You Fed

Rice Love wants you to see with your own eyes that your purchase ACTUALLY HELPED a very specific family in need! That is why every item comes with a tag number that can be used to look up the family you fed on Instagram @ricelovegive or on our website at ricelove.org. Look up the photo of the family that YOU fed. Share the photo and story on social media! Remember, you aren't sharing to brag, you are sharing to inspire. Your experience could inspire much more people to join the movement. 


Search for the family you fed. Share!

Tip #3. Post Lifestyle Photos

Your followers love you! They really do. You inspire them. They want to see everything eat, do, and wear. Snap some photos wearing your bag on your daily routine. Take photos in front of a colorful wall in the city or just shopping. Make it natural. Make it fun. Take some photos close up and some far away. Tag @ricelovebags in the caption and in the photo. Brand Ambassadors, where appropriate, share your exclusive coupon code!

If you have extra photos send them to themovement@ricelove.org for a chance to be featured on Rice Love's social media! We will tag you in the photos we post, sending new followers your way!

Tip #4. Travel + Get Outdoors

We are all about travel and getting outdoors. We believe travel is one of the best ways to understand other cultures and spread peace around the world. If you’re going on an exotic trip, bring your bag. Rice Love bags have been all around the world. Post a photo wearing your bag anywhere in the world. Tag @ricelovebags and the location.

If you’re staying closer to home, going camping, hiking, to the beach, or going to an iconic spot, bring your bag and snap a shot. Remember, what might seem boring to you is exotic to someone who lives on the other side of the world! 


Tip #5. What’s in Your Bag 

Want to freshen up your social media? Try this. Dump everything out of your Rice Love bag onto the floor. Take a photo of your bag and everything that was in it. Square photos look great. Tag every brand that is featured in the photo. This is a great opportunity to cross-promote a bunch of other brands. Who knows, maybe they'll feature your photo on one of their accounts. Post a photo with the hashtag #WhatsInYourBag. We will definitely be on the look out for #WhatsInYourBag to promote on @ricelovebags. We want to know, what's in YOUR bag?!

Planning 2016 adventures, who wants to come? Comment any location ideas below!

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Tip #6. Beyond Feeding Families

We do a lot more than feeding families.

Our bags are always made of jute (commonly known as burlap in USA). Jute is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. Jute requires far less pesticides and fertilizers than cotton, making it the most useful and environmentally friendly plant in the world. 

We don't use any animal products in our bags, which makes them vegan!

We buy quality rice at small local stores rather than from wholesalers or distributors. When families receive rice, they have a little extra money to spend in the local economy that they would would have spent on rice.  Buying the way we do costs more, but it supports the local economy and communities. 

Giving to families keeps parents together and provides hope for the future of their children. But, we also give rice to widows, unemployed, injured, handicapped, orphans, homeless, and others as the situation arises. 

We believe in equal rights for women. We sponsor amazing women like Ishita Malaviya who is the first female surfer in India. Ishita inspires other women to be proud and strong.


If you’re passionate about one of these topics, feel free to share along with tags to @ricelovebags or @ricelovegive.

Tip #7. Save the Date: Share Rice Love

May 28 - World Hunger Day
October 16 - World Rice Day / World Food Day

If you have other ideas, please let me know! I'm here to help! Thanks for joining the Rice Love movement.


P.S. To see how much you've earned, feel free check out your Ambassador account.