Vijay Marapalley Family #2719

Namasthe! Am Vijay, and this is my son Yashwanth. I drive a rented auto-rickshaw to take care of my family. For me, education is the most important element and when I say Important it's from beginning to ever ending knowledge. The reason why I stress so much on it is that I am a daily wage worker. I earn $4 per day. In which $40 is an expense for our house. I couldn't secure enough education to work a better job or own an Auto Rickshaw. I drive every day and night so that I can feed my family and give them a normal life. Due to the pandemic, all the schools and colleges are shut and most of the customers are preferring to take their own transport and am unable to get basic pay like before. I don't want to see my son the same. I want him to succeed and I will do whatever I can to help him succeed. We have other expenses like grocery shopping and utilities. I was hoping to save a little and help my family get to feed on time. With your purchase, my hope turned into reality. Thank you for your purchase and you made this possible. Thank you so much and may God be with Rice Love. Rice Love gave us 25 kilos of rice which will feed our family for one month. This has inspired my son to look forward to studying well and help more people like us. Thank you Rice Love once again for inspiring us for our better tomorrow.

- Vijay | Warangal, Telangana

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