Venu Mithram Family #3224

In the quaint village where the whispers of the wind carried tales of resilience, Venu and Lavanya, devoted parents to Tej and Ramteja, faced the daily grind as agricultural workers, earning a modest $3 each per day. Despite the uncertainties that accompanied their meager income, they steadfastly prioritized the education of their children, with Tej attending the local government school and Ramteja enrolled in a private institution.

The arrival of Rice Love at the village school brought a glimmer of hope to the hardworking family. Each student, including Tej and Ramteja, received a generous gift of 20 kilograms of rice. This benevolent gesture not only filled their kitchen with sustenance for 20 to 25 days but also provided an unexpected financial relief of $13 – a sum that carried significant weight in a household where every penny mattered. Uncle Madhav accompanied Tej in received the 20 kgs of rice as the parents are in the fields. As the family embraced the warmth of this unexpected support, they found solace in the realization that their children's education could continue to thrive, fostering dreams of a brighter future despite the challenges of their daily lives.

- Venu | Warangal, Telangana

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