Venkatesh Gajar Family #3338


In the quiet village of Metpally, young Anusri eagerly attended her classes in the 2nd standard at the local government school, while her sister Manvitha selflessly served as an Anganwadi worker, aiding doctors, distributing essential medicines, and offering guidance to the impoverished villagers on health matters and vaccinations. Their grandfather Odelu was a beloved figure in their home, bringing warmth and wisdom to their lives. Meanwhile, their parents, Venkatesh and Keerthana, toiled tirelessly in the fields, earning a modest income of just over $3 each per day to sustain their family.

Their spirits soared when the Rice Love organization generously gifted 20 kilograms of fine rice to each student's family in the school. This act of kindness not only filled their kitchen for 20 days but also provided much-needed relief, allowing them to save $13. With gratitude overflowing in their hearts, they extended their thanks to all the team members and Rice Love for their compassionate gesture. In the midst of their struggles, this simple yet profound act served as a beacon of hope, reminding them that even in their toughest times, there are angels among us willing to offer support and kindness.

- Venkatesh | Warangal, Telangana

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