Vaamana Murthy Aadepu Family #2773

Hi, I am Vaamana Murthy. I am an auto driver. 25 years ago, my dad died and a part of me died with him. But burdened with my responsibilities, I didn’t even have time to mourn and I was back on the road, driving an auto. Then people forced me to get married, so I have married Krishnaveni, a homemaker. It was the responsibility of my parents and my wife that kept me going. I started working long hours. I would leave home at 6 AM and drive my auto till midnight. Only then, I will be able to make enough money so my family could survive. Slowly my family increased from 2 to 3 and then to 4. Now, my kids Karthik is in class 6th and Siri is in class 5. I owned an auto and my family started to settle well. That's when the outbreak of the Virus hit my family again and now no business on the auto. Now that things are falling in place, I started to go out for long days again but, this time the service rate has fallen low and no customers and we started striving with hunger. That’s when Rice Love has given us 25 Kilos of fine rice, so we can have food for a month without any difficulty and able to save some money for living. I am going to make a Fixed deposit in the name of my daughter that can be of any use to her in the future. Thank You Rice Love for your aid in our low days. 

- Vaamana Murthy | Warangal, Telangana

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