Swapna Maisa Family #2900

I come from a humble background. My father was a daily laborer, and my mother was a homemaker. We were five siblings, and all of us lived in the same house. Still, I had a happy childhood! I was not so good at studies, and my mother used to run behind me saying, men can survive doing any work, but being a female, I should be doing well in my studies. But when I saw Papa lift bags in the scorching sun, I realized I needed to work hard to give my family a better life. I worked hard to keep my studies going but, my parents were affordable only for my two years of college. I didn’t want to burden them so I had to discontinue my college and had to take care of the family. Later, I got married to Sravan, a Tractor driver. Blessed with a baby girl Bhavya Sri and she is in Anganwadi a rural daycare center. We recently had another child who is three months old. I wanted to provide my kids with the life I didn’t have and wanted to work hard to achieve my dreams. We had minimum savings and due to C- Section, my husband had to take up a loan, and he is paying for them with all his earnings. Thanks to Rice Love for helping our family with 25 kilos of fine rice, which we would have food for the next 30 to 40 days. My husband could save some amount from the rice bag, so that he could pay his installments. Thank you, Rice Love for your interest in helping needy families.

- Swapna | Warangal, Telangana

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