Suresh Ganta Family #3169

Hello, I'm Suresh, and our little family has its hands full in the small town of Motlapalle. I make a living by selling coconuts and snacks, while my wife, Saramma, does her best selling plastic items. Our two bundles of joy, Ramulu is in 6th standard and Akash, a 7th grader, fill our lives with laughter despite the challenges we face.

Life isn't always easy for us. Our earnings are quite modest, barely enough to make ends meet. The struggle to provide for our family weighs heavy on our shoulders. But in the midst of our hardships, a ray of kindness touched our lives. Rice Love, in their generosity, contributed 20 kilograms of fine rice to our family.

This simple act of kindness meant more than words can express. It gave us sustenance for 20 days, for which we can save $12 and use it for our household needs. It's filling our plates with warmth and nourishment. We are immensely grateful to Rice Love for their love and contribution. In those grains of rice, we found not just food, but a symbol of care that lifted our spirits and gave us hope for better days ahead.

- Suresh | Warangal, Telangana

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