Suresh Bura Family #3171

Satish and Sumalatha, a hardworking couple, run a small street food stall to make ends meet. Their elder son, Rishi, is a diligent 5th-grade student, while the younger one, Karithikeya, is a playful 2-year-old. Despite the challenges they face, Satish and Sumalatha are determined to provide a good life and education for their children.

One day, Rice Love visited Rishi's school and generously donated 20 kilograms of good quality of rice to his family. This thoughtful gesture touched Satish and Sumalatha's hearts, bringing relief to their daily struggles for about a month. By this, they can save $12. Grateful for the support, they saw this act of kindness as a ray of hope, ensuring that their family could have a nutritious meal and continue striving for a better future.

With the gift of rice, Satish and Sumalatha felt the warmth of the community's care. They continued to work hard at their street food stall, motivated by the love and support they received. The rice donation not only filled their kitchen but also filled their hearts with gratitude, inspiring them to persevere in their journey to provide a brighter tomorrow for Rishi and Karithikeya.

- Satish | Warangal, Telangana

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