Suman Koyyada #3126

Residing in the embrace of Pembarthy village are Suman and Pravallika Koyyada, a couple aged 35 and 27, respectively. United not only in love but also in their pursuit of earning a livelihood, they diligently work as agricultural laborers, jointly contributing $8.41 per day. Despite their unwavering toil, the elusive prospect of savings has eluded them, casting a shadow over their aspirations for their daughter's future. Manasa, their radiant daughter, is a lively 3rd-grade student attending a government school. Regrettably, their financial constraints have woven a web of challenges around fulfilling their daughter's needs and ensuring a secure pathway forward.

In a heartening twist of fate, the winds of change were ushered in by Rice Love, a benevolent organization with a mission to make a difference. With unwavering compassion, they bestowed upon the family a gift that resonates deeply. A donation of 25 kilograms of premium rice symbolized more than sustenance – it illuminated a path of hope. The sustenance provided is projected to span across 40 days, allowing the family to conserve approximately $13. While this sum might seem modest, its significance within the contours of their budget is profound.

The reserved funds, endowed with the power of goodwill, have found a designated purpose – nurturing their daughter's necessities and aspirations. The couple, their hearts brimming with gratitude, extends heartfelt appreciation to Rice Love and its supporters. The extension of a helping hand during their hour of need has made an unforgettable mark on their lives. This act of kindness not only alleviates immediate worries of sustenance but also presents a canvas for them to paint a future adorned with opportunities for their beloved daughter, Manasa.

- Suman | Warangal, Telangana

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