Sujatha Anandam Family #3170

Madhu and Sujatha, hardworking agricultural laborers, dreamt of providing a better future for their two sons, Siddhu and Rishikethan, who were diligently studying in the 6th class. Despite facing financial challenges, the couple was determined to ensure that their children received a good education, aspiring for a brighter life.

One day, their small home received a visit from Rice Love, a kind organization that understood the struggles of families like Madhu and Sujatha's. To their surprise and gratitude, Rice Love generously gifted them 20 kilograms of fine rice. The rice will provide food for approximately 25 days which they can save up to $12. This unexpected support brought smiles to their faces, alleviating a bit of the burden and allowing them to focus on their children's education.

With hearts full of gratitude, Madhu and Sujatha continued to work hard in the fields, fueled by the hope that their sons, Siddhu and Rishikethan, would have the opportunity for a better life through education. "Thank you Rice Love for your support and timely help" showed gratitude to Rice Love.

- Sujatha | Warangal, Telangana

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