Srinivas Gaja Family #3208

Every day, my dad, Father Srinivas, drives the school van, making sure all the kids get to school and back home safely. Even though he has to go out of our village for work, he does it to earn money for our family. My mom, Vijaya, works hard in the fields every day as a laborer to support Dad. I go to a local government school, studying in 7th grade and my grandma Eswaramma stays with us. She's old, and we take care of her. 

Recently, Rice Love came to our village and gave us 20 kilograms of rice. It made us really happy because it meant we had more food at home for a month or so thus allowing us to save up t $13 and we're grateful for their help. As the aroma of the rice filled our home, it carried with it a sense of gratitude, turning a simple act of generosity into a tale of shared humanity. Our family embraced the gift with open hearts, finding solace in the fact that, in our journey, we were not alone but supported by the caring hands of Rice Love.

- Srinivas | Warangal, Telangana

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