Srihari Vaddepally Family #3230

In the midst of life's intricate tapestry, Srihari and Thirumala found themselves threading the delicate balance between duty and family. Srihari, a dedicated member of the police department, worked tirelessly under official commands, while Thirumala, the nurturing force, toiled in the fields, reaping and sowing for a modest $3 per day. The loving embrace of their maternal grandmother, Odamma, became a cornerstone in the upbringing of their three daughters – Pavithra, navigating the challenges of 10th grade, Maheshwari on the turning point of completing her degree, and Akshaya, flourishing in her second year of intermediate studies.

Amidst their shared responsibilities, the compassionate touch of Rice Love bestowed unexpected joy upon Srihari and Thirumala's home. The organization's heartfelt gift of 20 kilograms of fine rice per family not only adorned their kitchen shelves with sustenance for 15 to 20 days but also allowed them to save a precious $13. In the humble gratitude that echoed through their home, the family embraced the profound impact of community kindness.  As they counted their many reasons to be thankful, Srihari and Thirumala found solace in the warmth of unexpected generosity, knowing that they were not alone in their journey throughout and flow of life.

- Srihari | Warangal, Telangana

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