Sridhar Sandesari Family #3288

In the small village of Metpally, young Aravind and his older brother Abhay were diligent students at the local government school in 2nd and 5th standards. Their parents, Sridhar and Gauthami, worked as agricultural laborers, toiling in the fields for a particular crop. Their work was not always consistent, and the wages they earned barely crossed $3 each per day. Despite the daily struggle for survival, Sridhar and Gauthami held onto a dream - they wanted their children to study well and have a bright future with good jobs. The harsh reality was that without work, putting food on the table became an impossible task.

However, a heartwarming moment arrived when the Rice Love organization stepped in. Bestowing upon each family 20 kilograms of fine rice, this benevolent act was more than just a donation; it filled their kitchen with sustenance and brought a ray of hope into their challenging lives. The gift went beyond providing daily meals for 25 days; it also allowed the family to save $13, a significant amount for a household with limited means. Gratitude and thankfulness overflowed from the hearts of Sridhar, Gauthami, Aravind, and Abhay to Rice Love, recognizing the organization's compassion and the positive impact it had on their family's journey toward a brighter future.

- Sridhar | Warangal, Telangana

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