Sirisha Gollena Family #2760

Namasthe Rice Love! My name is Sirisha, a working tailor. This is my sister Manisha. I cleared my 10th standard in the year 2018 - 2019 and that is when my father said to stop my education and it’s my time to do household works, as he can’t afford for my education further. Since then I have been at home. I learnt tailoring clothes, started the work and taking care of the family. I don’t want my sister to suffer like me and so I’m taking a special care on her education and making sure she does homework on time and finish all her assignments and be ready to learn something new in school the next day. I am glad that she is understanding the use of education in our society and she always craves to be a better person. My Mother Sunitha, a homemaker and father Narsimha, a daily wager. We live in a tiled house with no toilet facility. The savings me and my father making now is gonna be used to build toilet for us. With 25 kilos of fine rice given by the team, we are going to eat food for a month. We are saving $17 for this month and this a big help you people are doing for us today, which can be used in our household expenses. Thank you Rice Love team and all the donors. 

- Sirisha | Warangal, Telangana

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