Shanthi Kumar Ellandula Family #3209

In the small village, Shanthi Kumar and his wife Thirumala toil in the fields every day, relying on their daily wages to support their family. However, heavy rains wreaked havoc on their crops, leaving them struggling to make ends meet. Santhoshamma, Shanthi Kumar's elderly mother and a widow, depended on them for her care. With a daughter, Reena, staying in a hostel for her 6th-grade education and a son, Nithin, attending a local government school with minimal facilities, the family faced considerable challenges.

During these difficult times, a glimmer of hope emerged when Rice Love reached out to the village, providing 20 kilograms of rice to school students' families. This generous gesture brought not only nourishment but also a renewed sense of hope and positivity to Shanthi Kumar's family. The rice is good enough for about 25 days allowing the family to save up to $13. The rice from Rice Love became a symbol of support, ensuring that the family could sustain themselves despite the setbacks caused by the unpredictable weather.

- Shanthi Kumar | Warangal, Telangana

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