Sampath More Family #3431

In the heart of Oorugonda village, where the sun painted golden hues over the fields, lived Chaithu and Harhavardhan with their hardworking parents, Sampath and Manasa. Sampath toiled under the open skies, nurturing the land with tender care to yield seasonal crops. Despite the meager wages, he embraced each day with resilience, knowing it meant sustenance for his family. Manasa, his wife, poured her love into their home, caring for Chaithu and Harhavardhan with unwavering devotion, ensuring their days were filled with warmth and comfort.

One bright morning, as the village school buzzed with the laughter of children, a ripple of excitement swept through the air. Rice Love, with hearts as generous as their mission, graced the school with a precious gift—25 kilograms of rice for student's family. For Chaithu, Harhavardhan, and their parents, this gesture held a significance beyond measure. With the rice provided, their modest home would be filled with the aroma of hearty meals for days to come, easing the burden on Sampath's shoulders and bringing a smile to Manasa's face. They can have provision of food for about a month and can save up to $13. As the villagers gathered to express their gratitude, they whispered words of thanks to Rice Love, acknowledging the profound impact of their act of kindness—a gift not only to nourish their bodies but also to nurture their souls with love and compassion.

- Sampath | Warangal, Telangana

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