Ravi Teppa Family #3283

In the heart of our quaint village, my sister Sharanya and I, studying in the 5th and 8th standards, weave dreams that shine as brightly as the sun. Our parents, Ravi and Sumalatha, labor tirelessly in the fields, earning a modest $3 or more each day, navigating the challenges posed by the capricious weather. A radiant moment graced our lives when Rice Love paid a visit to our school, bestowing upon our family the gift of 20 kilograms of rice. This benevolent act not only filled our kitchen for a month but also allowed us to save $13 – a precious sum that lightened the weight of our daily struggles. The unexpected support touched our hearts, and gratitude flows from our family to Rice Love and its generous donors.

In the midst of our journey, the kindness of Rice Love goes beyond nourishing our bodies; it symbolizes a community's care and support. With heartfelt thanks, we acknowledge the impact of this act of generosity, turning our daily challenges into a story of hope and resilience.

- Ravi | Warangal, Telangana

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