Ravi Kumar Edulapuram Family #3174

Hi, I am Ravi Kumar. I work in a little gold shop in our small village, and my wife Lalitha takes care of our lovely Srija who is in 6th standard. Times are tough here, and folks ain't keen on buying gold – we're a simple, poor bunch. I work hard to make ends meet, but it's not always easy.

But here's the twist – one day, out of the blue, Rice Love showed up at our village. Can you believe it? They handed us a whopping 20 kgs of fine rice! Lalitha and I were downright surprised and over the moon thankful. In a village like ours, where gold is a luxury, this simple act of kindness meant the world to us. It filled our humble home with warmth and a promise of a good meal for days to come. The rice will be sufficient for about a month for us. We can save a little amount of $12 and use it for our child's education. Gratitude, folks, goes a long way, and we're grateful for the generosity that found its way into our lives.

- Ravi Kumar | Warangal, Telangana

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