Rama Savuram Family #3137

My name is Savuram Rama, and alongside my husband Rajaiah, we've weathered life's challenges in the village of Pembarthy. We both work as agricultural laborers, striving to provide for our family despite the odds. Our ages stand at 50 and 55, respectively. Our love has resulted in the blessing of a son and a daughter, who have been the sources of our strength and motivation.

Overcoming adversities, we managed to arrange marriages for our beloved children. Our son's union with Sandhya brought forth a grandson and granddaughter, but fate dealt a cruel blow as Sandhya's life was cut short by a stroke. Our son now shoulders the weight of caring for his own children and their future. As a family, we've rallied around him, with me taking on the responsibility of nurturing not only my own son but also my Grandkids. 

On the other hand, our daughter Radhika's marriage to Praphat led to a family of their own. The challenges of financial strain loom large as they too endeavor to care for their two daughters. Life has indeed tested our resilience in myriad ways.

Amidst these trying circumstances, a beacon of hope appeared in our lives when the Rice Love Organization extended its generous support of 25 kilograms of rice, our family found sustenance for an entire month which allowed us to save some money for the grandkids.

With deep sincerity, I express my heartfelt gratitude to Rice Love and the benevolent souls who make their mission possible. The blessings we've received from their gesture have touched our hearts profoundly, reminding us that humanity's strength lies in its ability to uplift one another.

- Rama | Warangal, Telangana

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