Rajaiah Savuram #3127

Pembarthy village, a couple named Rajaiah and Rama Savuram, both in their 50s, embody the spirit of working hard and resilience. Their hands bear the marks of agricultural labor, an occupation that brings them a combined income of approximately $7.21 per day. Within the walls of their rented abode, they navigate life's difficulties with unwavering dedication. A household that encompasses not only their dreams but also their 24-year-old son's aspirations – a JCB driver whose employment, though seasonal, contributes to the family's collective effort.

Amidst the backdrop of consistent effort and modest earnings, the Rajaiah family finds itself grappling with the demands of daily existence – from household necessities to the weight of medical expenses. It's in these trying times that Rice Love, an entity committed to sowing seeds of change, extended a helping hand. Their gesture was simple, yet it bore immense significance. A donation of 25 kilograms of premium rice, a staple that transcends sustenance, reached the doorstep of the Rajaiah family.

This benevolent assistance served as a beacon of relief, casting light on the path ahead. The family's gratitude resonates deeply as they extend their heartfelt appreciation to Rice Love and its compassionate supporters. It enables them to have food for about a month and paving way to save $13. It stands as a testament to the power of kindness and solidarity, a light in the midst of their challenging circumstances.

- Rajaiah | Warangal, Telangana

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